How New York Can Use Self-Driving Cars To Improve Mobility, Not Clog Traffic

That’s exactly what the Regional Plan Association, the New York metropolitan area urban research and advocacy organization, is aiming to do with the release of its latest report, New Mobility: Autonomous Vehicles and the Region. The RPA releases a strategic plan for the region’s development every 30 or so years; it’s preparing to release its fourth regional plan in November, and the considerations in the New Mobility report proved pressing enough to merit their own document. New Mobility, says Richard Barone, RPA’s vice president for transportation, “is more of a think piece” than a definitive blueprint for what’s to come. “We still don’t know what to expect,” Barone says–but it’s intended to approach this second wave of the automobile with forethought and consideration, and avoid the mistakes cities made when cars became widespread after World War II.

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