Hope Township

Hope Township - Within 1/2 mile of each other is the historic center of
Hope Village center and a clover leaf exit on Interstate Route 80, the
location for future development. The question is what kind of
development can add to a much-in-need tax base without destroying this
gateway to a bucolic setting? To get at this problem, RPA is taking a
two-pronged approach. As a complement to its larger Highlands
initiative RPA is identifying significant open space resources in the
Township using the Highlands resource assessment prepared by RPA,
Rutgers University, and the USDA Forest service. At the same time,
using a physical scale model of the town center and the cloverleaf, RPA
is showing the Township what different kinds of future development may
look like. The physical studies are coupled with an economic
development study that will determine market feasibility for different
kinds of development and the fiscal impacts on the overall township
economy. The new master plan components will detail an open space
preservation strategy, an economic development strategy and urban
design guidelines. This will be a model for a host of places throughout
the region facing similar challenges.

Hope Township Report (PDF 1.7 MB)