Escape to New York: The City Rewrites Its Doomsday Script

RPA’s fourth regional plan, released today, provides a road map to creating a more equitable, healthy and sustainable region—first by fixing the institutions that govern our region and then turning to investments in housing, infrastructure, and resiliency. RPA recommends a near total restructuring of the institutions that govern our regional transportation to enable projects to be completed on-time and under budget. It calls on the region to work as one unit- rather than on a state-by-state basis- to deal holistically with climate change. It argues that the introduction of autonomous vehicles provides an opportunity to build affordable housing on the site of old parking lots near suburban rail stations, to get our regional affordability in check. Together, these recommendations paint a picture of a better tri-state area which is more equitable, more resilient, and more supportive of long-term growth.

The ideas in the plan are ambitious, and some may ask if they’re achievable at a time when our region’s core systems need basic fixes. The answer is, and history has shown, it’s not an either/or. We need a long-range vision for the region to ensure that that we continue to grow as not just the capital of the world, but an inspiration to it as well.

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