Deadlock Continues Over Transportation Funding in New Jersey

And even when restarted, the shutdown will have a ripple effect. Tom Wright is the head of the Regional Plan Association. He said because the costs of labor and materials only go up, delaying projects — even briefly — means that they'll ultimately be more expensive. 

"The cost of construction has been far outpacing inflation for a generation now," he said. "Part of the whole urgency about getting these projects done is that they don't become cheaper over time...And the more maintenance gets deferred, the more repairs need to be done." Another complication: the workforce might not be there when you need them. "Contractors will move on to the next project," Wright said. "People are going to go work on other things, and these projects are going to get put to the back of the line."

"None of this is good," he added. "There's not a single silver lining in this."

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