Curbside Debate Rages at Community Forum

Transportation experts discussed the potential future of the Upper West Side’s curbs during a forum on curbside optimization hosted by Community Board 7’s Transportation Committee. At least 60 people showed up to the forum on Tuesday night, hosted at St. Paul and St. Andrews Church (263 West 86 Street) in place of the committee’s monthly meeting.

Weinberger started the discussion with a short introduction to the issue of curb management, which she identified as a “resource allocation problem” that involves competing demands for the curb.”The right allocation today might not be the right allocation ten years from now,” she said. “The allocation we have—there’s actually no reason to believe it’s in fact the right allocation for today. So we need to come up with a systemic and systematic approach to thinking about these issues,” she added, noting the complexity of the topic and praising the community board for hosting the discussion. “It’s a critical question and it’s not well-answered in any way I’m aware of.”

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