Connecticut’s Transportation Plan Stymies Its Future

Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont’s new transportation plan plows twice as much money into highways as it does transit, potentially keeping the economically sluggish state stuck in doldrums for another decade.

Two-thirds of the governor’s 10-year $21-billion proposal, or about $14 billion, will go toward interstate and bridge improvements compared with $6.2 billion to upgrade rail service, a measly $450 million for expanded bus service, and no mention of any bicycle or pedestrian infrastructure whatsoever.

“This is a very highway-heavy proposal and $450 million for buses is really low,” Melissa Kaplan-Macey, the director of Regional Plan Association Connecticut told Streetsblog. “We need to think about how we encourage people to take transit, buses and rail. When we think about highways we shouldn’t just think about widenings.”

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