Clash of Opinions on De Blasio’s Approach to Rezoning

On Wednesday night, former housing commissioner Vicki Been, Regional Plan Association’s Moses Gates and Hunter Professor Tom Angotti hashed out their disagreements on Mayor de Blasio’s rezoning policy at Rezone or Leave It Alone, a City Limits’ panel debate.


Gates said the city needs to rethink what kind of neighborhoods it considers ripe for growth and rezone more high-income neighborhoods with the city’s mandatory inclusionary housing policy, instead of just low-income neighborhoods. In his view, rezoning a low-density district to encourage McMansion owners to convert their properties for multi-family development is better than rezoning an industrial area that might be home to blue-collar jobs. He also argued that it’s not economically smart to rezone a low-income neighborhood with a weak market, where any housing that’s built would have to be subsidized by the city. He further noted that the city can invest in neighborhoods without necessarily centering those investments around a residential upzoning—as he said the city is currently doing in Edgemere, Queens.

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