Build Gateway Now Coalition Statement Following US National Economic Council Larry Kudlow’s Statement that Federal Government Will Expedite Permits for Infrastructure Projects

“If Director Kudlow wants to cut red tape on infrastructure he should start with the Hudson Tunnel project. The Federal Government’s hypocrisy and inaction puts the health of the national economy and the livelihoods of thousands of Americans at serious risk,” said Build Gateway Now Campaign Manager Brian Fritsch. “After all, it has already been over a year and a half since the U.S. DOT missed their own deadline to issue a Record of Decision after the final draft of the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the Hudson Tunnel was submitted. Moreover, the U.S. DOT itself recently stated that it takes an average of four and a half years to complete an EIS-- in direct contrast to Director Kudlow’s statement.” 

The Hudson Tunnel Project is the nation’s most important infrastructure project, connecting over twenty percent of the nation’s economy. Just last month Build Gateway Now Coalition members rallied at Penn Station to support the approval of the Environmental Impact Statement. They also released a count-up clock on the website to count the time since the Federal Railroad Administration missed their self-imposed deadline to issue a Record of Decision on the Environmental Impact Statement.