Back on Track: Northeast - A New Blog for the Northeast Corridor

Earlier this month, the Business Alliance for Northeast Mobility, of which Regional Plan Association is a founding chair, launched a new blog, Back on Track: Northeast, dedicated to tracking improvements on the Northeast Corridor (NEC).

blog_screenshot.jpgThe Business Alliance for Northeast Mobility is a coalition of more than 40 of the Northeast's leading business and civic groups, established to promote improved transportation linkages in the Northeast. The Alliance recognizes the NEC as the backbone of the Northeast transportation network and sees rail investments as an essential component of the economic development strategy for the Northeast.

Through Back on Track: Northeast, the Business Alliance is following the Northeast's progress toward achieving a high-quality passenger rail service. The blog provides regular news updates on federal and state policies affecting rail service, spotlight posts that outline key issues affecting the NEC, and valuable research on the need for and potential benefits of improved passenger rail service. The blog features special guest writers, and will soon invite additional experts to share their views and highlight their own work toward improving our rail system.

Throughout the month of August, Back on Track: Northeast is focusing on making the case for investment in our rail system. The blog will feature a series of posts dedicated to the most important investment needs on the NEC. In the future, the blog will highlight key proposals for high-speed rail on the NEC and demonstrate the ways in which high-speed rail can transform our cities and the Northeast Megaregion.

Back on Track: Northeast is a space for advocates and supporters of improved rail service on the NEC to engage in a dialogue about the importance of rail and the need to invest in our transportation system. You can follow Back on Track on the Business Alliance website, where you can share your comments and ideas.