Anticipated Commute Time Savings Achieved by ARC

Regional Plan Association, along with U.S. Senator Frank R. Lautenberg, today released a significant new report on the Access to the Region's Core tunnel project showing detailed station-by-station trip time reductions anticipated when ARC is completed in 2018.
This report estimates the future savings in commuting times to and from Midtown that will be achieved by the project. These estimates are based on Spring 2010 train schedules, trends in NJ TRANSIT operations, and the project's detailed FEIS. Time savings vary by line and by station. Some lines will gain a one-seat ride to Midtown, while others will see significantly increased service frequency during peak hours. Future operations decisions by NJ TRANSIT could reallocate service in between stations and even between lines, based on demand, future development, and other factors.

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By reducing commuting times, ARC will double the number of households in New Jersey within 50 minutes of Manhattan, where salaries are, on average, 60% higher than in New Jersey. About 275,000 New Jerseyans travel every day across the Hudson River. They bring home a disproportionate share of income, pay large income and property taxes, and create more jobs back home. Unfortunately, all the trans-Hudson crossings -- NJ TRANSIT, PATH and the vehicular tunnels and bridges -- are at or near capacity. Building ARC will provide capacity for another 70,000 New Jerseyans to reach Manhattan. New York City is going to continue adding jobs: it has the demand, the zoning, the capital, and is better connected to the global economy than anywhere else in the US. New Jersey residents must be able to get to them.

"The benefits of the Access to the Region's Core project - a new trans-Hudson passenger tunnel that will connect New York and New Jersey - are far reaching and well-defined," said Bob Yaro, president, Regional Plan Association. "ARC will increase the reliability of NJ TRANSIT trains, reduce traffic and greenhouse gas emissions, create jobs, drive economic growth in the right places, and boost home values. Perhaps most significantly, ARC will cut commute times for NJ TRANSIT riders by an average of between 15 and 30 minutes per day."


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