Another bus lane would ease traffic to NYC, but there’s a high-tech reason it may not happen

Some bus commuters, who sit in traffic whenever the Xclusive Bus Lane backs up to the Lincoln Tunnel, say it’s time to add a second bus lane to reduce delays and long travel times.

The added bus traffic from a possible second bus lane needs to be considered in the design of the new Port Authority Bus Terminal, said Nat Bottigheimer, the director of Regional Plan Association New Jersey.

“It’s a great question to be asked, given the experience of so many commuters and the risk we face with the deterioration of the Hudson River rail tunnels,” Bottigheimer said. “It would be responsible disaster planning to look at a second XBL.”

But, he said, there are other considerations.

“There are other questions to ask. With improvements in vehicle autonomy, is it possible to increase capacity in existing lanes?”