2010 Regional Assembly Program Materials and Media Files Now Available

Regional Plan Association today released images, program materials, video and audio files of the 20th Annual Regional Assembly, "Innovation and the American Metropolis," held on Friday, April 16th at the Waldorf Astoria.

Recap the days' events including keynote speeches by Bill McDonough and Adolfo Carrión and the presentation of the RPA Lifetime Leadership Award to Peter W. Herman by New York State Lieutenant Governor Richard Ravitch.

Additionally, audio files for each workshop panel are available. More materials, including presentations and transcripts will be posted as they become available. We'll be announcing the releases on Twitter, so be sure to follow us

Regional Assembly 2010 Conference Packet:

Speaker Biographies
Lifetime Leadership Award Tribute Journal for Peter W. Herman


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Slide show


Regional Assembly 2010 Keynote: William McDonough

Regional Assembly 2010 Plenary Panel

Regional Assembly 2010 Keynote: Adolfo Carrión

Audio (all in MP3 Format):

Morning Program
Welcome by Thomas K. Wright
Assembly Chair by David Crane
Morning Keynote by William McDonough
Plenary Panel 

Morning Workshops
Innovation Economy
Smart Transportation: Changing Urban Mobility (Continue the Discussion)
Building a Green Infrastructure
New Tools for Civic Engagement and Community Design

Luncheon Program
Luncheon Presentation
Luncheon Keynote by Adolfo Carrión

Afternoon Workshops
Radical Housing
Intelligent Infrastructure
America's Energy Future
The Future of Intercity Transport

Sponsor Notes
If you attended the IBM-sponsored session on Smart Transportation: Changing Urban Mobility or visited the IBM booth to see the Traffic Prediction Tool and Stream Computing for Traffic Management demos, IBM would like to take this opportunity to invite you to continue the dialog by joining the IBM LinkedIN Group simply click here. Additionally, visit the IBM Youtube channel for client case studies and videos at youtube.com/user/IBMTransportation